Gerolasass 2019


  • It is possible to register in advance online: Register at Gerolasass
  • Keep your numbered coupon attached to the map for the prize draw on Sunday.
  • GEROLASASS is a "meeting" for all, expert and less than expert climbers, as well as beginners who want to climb in the company of others; for the "good and expert climbers" thirteen difficult blocks are available for each category (women and men).
  • In the block areas four judges will be available to give guidance and to help solve any eventual problems regarding the blocks. Ascent certification is always the responsibility of the partecipant.
  • In the case of breakage of a grip/natural modification of a block this will still remain in the competition.
  • The blocks are divided into three categories according to the level of difficulty. On the self- certification card each athlete can mark the boulders climbed and flash or worked mode.

4 blocks 7a / 7b
5 blocks 7b / 7c
4 blocks 7c / 8a

4 blocks 6b / 7a
5 blocks 7a / 7b
4 blocks 7b / 7c+

The final results will be published once all the self-certification cards have been handed in. The first six athletes in each category will receive prizes. Cash prizes from 1000 to 200 euros will be awarded.

There will also be a prize for the indoor climbing gym with the largest number of partecipants. Athletes can say which gym they are climbing for when they register at the Gerolasass stand.


  • Take your rubbish home! Don't litter the environment with cigarette ends, snack or energy tablet wrappings, tins or plastic bottles ....

  • Remember that you are a guest here. Have respect for the natural environment and the private land where the boulders are situated. Take care not to flatten the hay in the meadows, always keep to the tracks at the edges of the meadows and to the marked trails.

  • Do not modify the natural environment in any way, respect the plants, animals and rocks!

  • Park your car! All of the event areas can be easily reached on foot.

  • Pay attention to your own safety and the safety of others! Climbing in a natural environment involves exposure to objective, subjective and often significant danger. The behaviour of each person in the climbing area is potentially dangerous for himself and for others.

  • It is the responsibility of each participant who, by registering, consciously and freely decides to take part and to accept all risks deriving from the activity, the environment and from his own actions or the actions of others, to evaluate all potential danger and consequent risks.

  • The choice of boulders and areas to be attempted must be approriate for your technical ability and your current level of fitness.

  • Remember to identify and evaluate your lines of descent down the boulders before you start.

  • Prepare an adequate number of crash pads at the base of the boulders.

  • Pay attention and be careful not only during the climbs but also when moving from one place to another along the paths. When it rains everywhere becomes very slippery.

  • Be aware of the surrounding environment, of how it changes, of your own actions and of others moving around you.


  • It is possible to reach the village of Gerola Alta by car. Follow the signs to the car parks and then proceed on foot.
  • Public transport: STPS


  • Please note: Athletes aged eighteen and over may participate in the event. Minors may participate only if accompanied by an adult who assumes complete responsibility.
  • Camping is not allowed outside the areas provided.
  • The event will take place even in bad weather conditions (be prepared and bring suitable gear). Participants must provide their own crash pads.
  • The organisation declines all responsibitlity for any eventual injuries to participants.
  • The organisation declines all responsibility for eventual accidents, of any nature, which may occur during the event.

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